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Our Services

We know that every business is unique and in our past years doing business, we have seen it all. Below is a general list of services we provide, however, to make your business truly successful we will provide you with a personalized quote.

Tax preparation: We provide a broad spectrum of comprehensive tax services for businesses and individuals.

Bookkeeping: We can assist you with your monthly, quarterly, or annual bookkeeping needs including bank reconciliations, transactions coding, account analysis, general ledger maintenance, and financial reporting for management use.

Financial Statements: preparation & analysis – Our office prepares both reviewed and compiled financial statements as required by your lender, bank, bonding company, licensing board, stockholders, or investors. We prepare the statements in compliance with the standards established by the CRA.

Home Renovations: We provide all types of business and home improvement and maintenance services.

Just give us one call and one chance to serve and you will be satisfied with all our work.

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